Nicola Del Vecchio, owner of Fn Fly Technology, had a great passion for the sea.

This passion leads him to collaborate with the team that built the first boat in 1995, “Stupefacente Kodak”, with which Soldini in 1995 obtained a 2nd place at the BOC Challenge, the solo aboard tour round the world.

By discovering new, more advanced materials such as carbon, a new way of seeing the world emerges, of shaping it.

The growing demand for carbon components in sectors such as aeronautics, curiosity and passion for technology, determine a broadening of horizons, leading Nicola and his company to create first ultralight airplanes, then helicopters, interiors for civil aviation and components. of aerospace rockets.

The company is constantly growing, always investing in technology and innovation thanks to collaborations with companies in the aerospace sector of international level.

Today Fn Fly Technology has a 1200 square meter facility, first-rate equipment and highly specialized personnel.

The constant research carried out by high-level professionals, oriented towards the optimization of traditional processes and the automation of any production process, make F&N one of the most reliable companies in Italy in the aerospace and industrial sector in general.

For Nicola, however, working only for third parties is not enough!

Creativity, the desire to innovate, to always find new forms such as carbon fiber lead him to think of making his own product.
A product that represents the characteristics and quality of his company:
innovation, creativity and design!

In 2020 the conviction that the future lies in urban mobility is growing stronger.

A customized, sustainable mobility.

The idea was born to create a revolutionary shaped e-bike, unique in its kind.
An e-bike that takes urban mobility into a new era.

The rest is history, it’s Zash!